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In early summer of 2009, a flea market was held using the shops that were set at SOLA SIM.
From the winter of 2013, SOLA FLEA MARKET with new staff began and held once every six months.
Many creators participated every time, and it became a very lively market.
And also, board game-style hunt using the entire SOLA SIM has been held since the winter of 2015, and many people enjoyed it.
And since 2018, we have set up a special venue at the SKY, not a ground part of the SIM, and put a stall on it to hold a market with more content.
The 2020 SOLA FESTA will host events with the theme of “June Bride” and “Sky”.
We plan to set up a church and a photo-shooting booth at the special venue.

Photo Contest is also scheduled to perform during the event held.
We hope that all of you who have visited will enjoy it.


2013年冬に新スタッフによるSOLA FLEA MARKETが始まり、半年に1度のペースで開催してきました。

この度、“June Bride”及び”空”をテーマにしたイベントを行います。